I started this blog a little under a year ago with the main goal of it being a place to post about my personal journey. It will continue to be that, but after seeing how much neurodiversity there is within the Druid community, I have decided to open this blog up to other voices. I certainly don’t speak for all Druids with ADHD or all neurodivergent Druids, I’m only one woman’s perspective and I can only write from my own experiences.

So I am now in the process of converting this site from a single-voice personal blog to a space for many neurodivergent Druids to lend their voices to issues relating to the following subjects:

  • How their neurodivergence affects their spiritual practices
  • How their spiritual practices affects their neurodivergence
  • Neurodivergence in general
  • Nature-based spirituality (Druidry or other)
  • Any combination of the above, or other related subjects

There may be other changes/evolutions of this site in the future as well, due to the shift to a more collaborative space.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor in any capacity (guest blogger, regular blogger, or just to be part of the community via Discord), please fill out the Contributor Application form and I will process it as soon as I can (please allow up to a week). If you give your Discord ID, I will send you an invite to the ADHDruids Discord server. Alternatively, if you have questions or just want an invite to the Discord server, you can email me at adhdruid@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing how this community blossoms and grows!

/|\ Kendria

Header image by Tim Hill.