I’m Kendria, a Druid with ADHD. This started as a personal blog about my journey into Druidry and how it affects and is affected by my neurodivergence, but it is now open for other contributors to share their voices about Neurodivergence and Druidry.

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Latest Posts

  • This Blog is Growing!
    I started this blog a little under a year ago with the main goal of it being a place to post about my personal journey. It will continue to be that, but after seeing how much neurodiversity there is within the Druid community, I have decided to open this blog up to other voices. I certainly don’t speak for all Druids with ADHD or all neurodivergent Druids, I’m only one woman’s perspective and I can only write from my own experiences.
  • A Season of Contradictions
    With Imbolc signaling the first stirrings of Spring, I’m reflecting on Winter and what that means in this time of my life. As you may have noticed, I haven’t written in this blog since the end of November. This post will explain why, and also why Winter is not a great time for me, and how I hope to change that.
  • What’s in a Name?
    This post details a bit of the process I went through to decide on the right Druid name for myself. During this process I was looking for all the information I could find on how to choose the right name, so hopefully this will be helpful to others who may be looking for the same.
  • Using an Outdated Classroom Tool to Hack my Brain Into Writing More
    Part of learning to live with ADHD, with or without medications, is figuring out what your roadblocks are, and figuring out solutions or what I sometimes call “hacks” to remove those roadblocks or at least turn them into manageable speedbumps. So today I’m trying something new to hack my brain into being productive and doing what I want it to.
  • How Ketamine Helped Me Have a Meditation Breakthrough
    Having a neurodiverse brain, specifically an ADHD one, can make it difficult to meditate. Meditation is a big part of Druidry, and is a great practice for mental and physical health in general. My main issue is that I’ve never been able to quiet my racing thoughts.